This is the Tamiya TRF 511 a competition 4WD buggy. I modelled it in 3ds Max 2012
using Turbosmooth, with Mental Ray for rendering. It weighs in at 16 million plus polys.
The TRF is a WIP and I will add to it when I can. My aim is to do renders from different 
views, including a full color render with materials setup, and exploded / ghosted views.

Tamiya TRF 511 Mock-Up Box Art
This mock-up is not final art. I created it from screengrabs of the model from 3ds Max,with
 retouching in Photoshop. When finished I will get Hi res renders, and print it out actual size.

 Tamiya TRF 511 Mental Ray Renders
With these renders I experimented with lighting and material setups. I used Arch&Design
materials, and in some places the fake round edge where modelling it would have taken
longer and perhaps looked worse due to less smoothness when subdivided.  I did an AO
render pass separately, and in Photoshop added it on multiply, and did some retouching.

Tamiya TRF 511 Render
Tamiya TRF 511 Render


These Screen Grabs are taken directly from Max 2012 using the Realistic display. I then setup lights including a skylight with AO enabled. I took two screens, one shaded and one wireframe
shaded then overlayed the wire in Photoshop to around 20% The ghosting was done using two
screens,one with and one without a body. I then used layer masks to paint the body on and off.

Tamiya TRF 511 Exploded Drivetrain

Tamiya TRF 511 Exploded Differential

Tamiya TRF 511 Exploded Universal Joint & Hub

Tamiya TRF 511 Material Test

Tamiya TRF 511 Battery and Belt Maps