ITER Fusion Reactor Segment.

ITER is a fusion reactor. Fusion is what powers the stars. It amazes me we may be able to harness this power source on Earth, and lessen our dependence on finite fossil fuels.

This could be an official LEGO set. I have until may 1st 2015 to get 10,000 votes. Please support the idea here by clicking the blue support button HERE

To learn more about ITER

Above: Lego ITER shown with ruler for scale (under 30 cm tall)
Below: More Lego ITER photo's

Lego ITER renders below:

Lego ITER Segment
This is a Pov Ray render of my Ldd ( Lego Digital designer) model of ITER.
(International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) segment. 
please support this project by clicking the green support button at. 
I have bought the parts and will build it. I also mocked up some box art. 
Lego does not allow using the Lego logo, so I put a placeholder white 
square top right. I will update both Cuusoo and this website with renders, 
photo's of the model when built, and any design changes. Thank you.